• Receive stock market-linked gains, without ever incurring loses.

  • Reduce high 401(k), IRA and TSA fees – which will make Wall Street rich at your expense and punish you for succeeding.

  • Distribute tax-free money, instead of fully-taxed.

  • Easily access capital at zero percent or better interest, without ever having to pay it back.

  • Efficiently convert taxable money into a tax-free position.

  • Now, imagine being able to parlay these benefits into the opportunity of a lifetime. Imagine the size and scope of this target market.

    • Who do you know that is paying too much in taxes?

    • Who do you know that is afraid of losing money when the stock market declines?

    • Who do you know that would like to benefit from the upside potential of the stock market without the downside risk?

    • Who do you know that would like to receive a tax-free retirement income?


This market is vast and untapped. A career at Securus will allow you to tap into and dominate this marketplace. The beautiful thing about it that you can start part-time and earn while you learn.



It’s hard enough to lose a loved one: A parent, brother or sister. It is even more difficult when loved ones are left to pay expenses associated with a funeral because of the lack of planning. Social Security pays only $255 for the expenses associated with a funeral. In 2011, the total cost for an average funeral and internment was $9,668.These expenses do not even include plots, markers or flowers. Any unpaid funeral costs and balances are usually paid by the surviving spouse or children. Even worse, if a major illness were to present itself or a nursing home were to become involved, a family’s savings could be wiped out in minutes. This could leave a surviving spouse or children with a huge financial burden. With proper Final Expense planning, we can protect families for pennies on the dollar.


The fact is that 90% of senior citizens feel that pre-planning a funeral is a good idea, however, only 12% have done so. This is the market that Securus is poised and positioned to tap into and dominate. In fact, we are doing so already!

The number of Americans age 55 and older will almost double by 2030 from 60 million today to 107.6 million. This segment of our population will represent a staggering 31% of the population in the United States!

These statistics are proof positive for the need for Final Expense Planners in the future and this will spearhead the incredible opportunity available to Securus representatives.


“Something huge is happening here! The emergence of an older more vigorous population is the most significant story of our times.”
– Abigail Trafford



We start our Agents with our exclusive lead program. Our potential clients actually take the time to read our direct mail piece. When they do, some of them complete the questions in their own handwriting and sign-off on the mailer saying they are interested in our program and ask that someone contact them regarding our final expense program. When they do, we provide those “hot” leads to our Agents.

When our Agents visit with the prospect, they are so thrilled with the service we provide that they usually offer four to eight referrals in the home. We use our proprietary referral based marketing system to assist you with prospecting. In essence, final expense leads provide you prospects when you start your career with Securus. However, our referral based marketing system is how you build your client base over the years.

The old adage holds true at Securus, “give a person a fish and they eat for a day, teach a person to fish and they eat for a lifetime.” With our referral based marketing program, you will have the ability to enter other markets such as Mortgage Protection, Income Replacement, Indexed Universal Life and Annuity sales.

Simply put, we are not just Final Expense! We offer you the Opportunity of a Lifetime that only Securus can provide, and we will show you how to achieve this with No Lead Expense!


The opportunity to have an affiliation with Securus is only limited by your ability to work consistently within a sales organization that has designed programs that are not only proven over 25 years but has also produced over 50 million in annual sales and over 30 billion dollars of insurance in force. We have a tried and true lead system that has propelled many of our agents into mid to high six figure incomes.

Imagine, as a sales professional you can spend 100% of your time and selling and never have to locate your next prospect again. We feel we have the single best sales opportunity in the United States. Please feel free to review our website in detail and take the next step to a rewarding and challenging career that only Securus can offer.