Every great Final Expense or Insurance Agent knows that a major component for success is having enough people to see on a regular basis. Our lead generation and referral campaigns are designed to provide you with at least 20 – 30 fresh new prospects per week that have been screened and targeted to provide you with the highest quality lead in the industry bar none. In fact, agents who have flocked to us from our competitors say that this is the best leads and sales system they have ever seen. What we deliver to our prospects is a crystal clear message regarding paying off their final expenses. In fact, we say so in the very first sentence of our direct mail piece! When you see a potential client, they know exactly why you are there! At Securus, we feel that it is not a prudent business approach to spend ten minutes of your presentation explaining your way around deceptive marketing practices.

The dedicated Final Expense agent has mastered the art of door knocking and or the telephone appointment setting process. Remember, the people you will be reaching out to have returned a mailer and completed a few brief questions and have actually signed our information request form requesting valuable final expense information.

Now that you have a solid prospecting platform, you may ask “how do I turn these prospects into sales?” The answer is simple with Securus as we have developed the industry standard when it comes to training new agents.

Securus’ proprietary training program allows you to not have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, in many cases, you will have a local manager at your service to walk you through the process every step of the way. If we have no local presence, you will have one of our home office mentors work directly with you to get your career on track. Additionally, we have our elite team of highly producing managers and agents mentor you with their prerecorded presentations and marketing techniques that you can listen to via the internet from anywhere in the world to assist you in growing your career. Still need more assistance in getting your career on track? We’ll provide you access to our state of the art online training center on our website which we refer to as Securus University. This interactive approach to training is illustrated with sales and training modules that include everything  a dedicated Agent needs to know broken up into simple to understand sales logic that was developed by our President & CEO Matt Goldberg  who, by the way was a very successful agent for many years! All of our training courses are also available in printed form and videos as well as our  training manual for a quick reference whenever you need it.

With Securus, you are not alone as we have created the gold standard in training with classroom instruction as well as field training and mentor programs.

Now that you have great leads and people to see and have experienced the gold standard in training, where do you go? Many Final Expense agents choose to travel to the suburbs, some within an hour of their homes and some within 2-3 hours from their homes to see clients who may never be seen by an agent. This eliminates all competition and can drive your income through the roof. However, this is not a necessity, it is the Agent’s choice.

Most agents actually prefer to simply door knock as they will be virtually guaranteed to see more people this way. Let’s face it, if you see more people, you will make more presentations. If you make more presentations, you will generate more sales and income. Remember, these are interested prospects who have actually requested you reach out to them. Some agents still prefer to call to set up their appointments. When you use this method, you will typically call Monday morning at 9 o’clock to a centralized location where that week’s leads are located. You will then begin to “dial for dollars”, setting appointments for Monday afternoon and Tuesday. Wednesday morning, you will call for appointments for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. The prospects that are not reachable on the phone will receive a knock on the door.

Once you have mastered our program, we will show you how to apply these principles to generate potentially a 6-figure income quickly and effectively. A career at Securus is truly a great opportunity to build an extensive client base and assist others to earn unlimited income. Remember, you will never have to cold call at Securus!

You may say to yourself, “Wait a minute this represents me only working four days, Monday – Thursday. What happens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?” Guess what? Friday morning you will send in your applications to the carrier by either fax or email and you will also check your pending business for any outstanding requirements. That is your week. Virtually no nights as seniors are home during the day. No weekends unless you want to earn more money. Where else can you have a four and a half day work week and have the potential to earn at least a six figure income. Of course, you may want to utilize your downtime to show others our great opportunity. If you decide this is your objective, we will show you how using the Securus Builder’s Platform.