① C.O.R.E.

Connecting with your prospect is the single most important part of the sales process. People buy from people they like and have something in common with. The acronym C.O.R.E. stands for Children, Occupation, Recreation and Emotion. By following our tried and true techniques in this module you will be able to connect with almost every prospect.


Not only will C.O.R.E. enable you to find common ground, it will also;

  • Eliminate objections up front, making it easier to close.

  • Assist you in determining if they have a bank account.

  • Connect through their children & grandchildren

  • Find recreational activities which you have in common

② Review Matt Goldberg Training Presentation

It is of paramount importance that you study and review this presentation a minimum of three times prior to advancing to the next module. This is important to help you to understand the sales concepts before viewing the videos, so the video training will make complete sense to you.

③ Door-Knocking & Delivery Notices

Gaining entry into the home is probably the single most important skill to master. You can’t hit a baseball if you are not in the batters box. This critical module will address in detail how to get into as many homes as possible.

We are often asked, “Is it better to door-knock or to preset appointments on the telephone?” Based upon over thirty-years experience in the industry, we have learned that it is best to door knock all of your leads multiple times, then follow up with multiple phone calls. With all of the call-screening, do-not-call lists and call blocks it is simply easier, more efficient and provides better results for our agents. After all, no one asked the recipient to return the mail card to us – there was no arm-twisting involved, they did it on their own free will, and therefore they are expecting to be contacted.

④ The Securus Agent Manual