Our company, Securus, is a company that was founded by agents, developed by agents and built for agents. In fact, our Chief Executive Officer, Matt Goldberg personally produced over 6,000 applications in a 12 year period from 1986 through 1997 and has developed a sales system that is so simple yet unique that the company’s life premium exceeds $50 million annually. In fact, Securus actually has placed in excess of $30 billion of Insurance in force! We have taken our tried and true methods developed during this time and put them into a system that has been successfully used by thousands of agents since then, building a $50 million a year agency in the process.

All of our management team and mentors have a strong work ethic and a sales mentality that has produced thousands of applications over the years. Our roots date back to 1985, but our approach is as contemporary and evolving as our ever-changing environment. Our methodology, while being creative, is also very simple: provide the best compensation in the industry coupled with great training, local support and the very best leads. Our fresh approach to the Final Expense marketplace is truly unique to the industry and has never been done before.

While the systems are simple, it’s not always easy – that’s why we stay with you every step of the way to help you reach the levels of success you desire. WE DON’T GET PAID UNTIL YOU GET PAID – and we’re willing to invest in you if you’ve got what it takes to be a TOP GUN.

Are you tired of claims from other agencies stating that “we have the best marketing plan with the lowest cost leads and the best compensation?” At Securus we offer subsidized leads coupled with high compensation! But we are not just about leads. We have a myriad of lead systems, training platforms and advanced marketing for our valued Agents. In fact, we have systems that will provide you free leads for life! We all know it takes more than just high commissions and reduced lead costs to be successful – you need an entire marketing plan and philosophy, back-room support as well as organizational skills to stand above the crowd. If any of these components are lacking, your chances of success and achieving financial independence are greatly reduced. I know this first-hand because I, like you, lived on the road and in the field. I have experienced the lows and great highs of our business, and offer you all of the shortcuts I have learned over a thirty year highly successful career.

If you are an experienced producing Final Expense agent, Mortgage Protection agent, Insurance Agent, a sales person, recent college graduate, or your looking for a part time career, you owe it to yourself to experience the nation’s most creative and effective marketing machine. A relationship with Securus offers benefits you simply cannot get anywhere else.