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Matthew H.
Securus Select

I really saw the power behind the Securus System at the Atlanta conference. Hearing so many success stories about people using the system, who have never been in insurance before, really impacted me. I was also very drawn to the no or low lead costs that many people have in Securus. However, I didn't start using the referral system until after the boot camp in Lagrange. At the boot camp, Glenn C. went over how he does it, as well as some of his team. Now, what really impacted me was the fact that someone who has been in the business for several years, and has been very successful at it, was switching methods a little bit, and using the Securus system, and having even greater success with it! I knew after the boot camp that I HAD to use the complete system that has been brilliantly laid out for us. Being new to this business, I have finally gotten to a point where I'm feeling more comfortable and confident in what I do. A lot of that is due to the Securus system, and knowing that I've got a proven and effective method at my disposal. It really takes a lot of pressure off of me, by taking my "brain" out of the equation, and instead relying on others' many years of experience and success, namely Matt Goldberg, who is a master at his craft. The Securus system has made this business much easier and enjoyable for me, and I'm excited to be able to eventually get out of lead costs all together.

This past week was the first week that I've used the system in its entirety, and I was able to get 30 referrals, and write 2 apps from referrals. Not only that, but people have been genuinely grateful to receive the free benefit for their children, and it has brought more satisfaction to myself. Also, by calling on referrals, there is already some credibility built up, as you are relating to them via the person who referred them. Appointments with referrals have been easier to approach, and seem to have less pressure in talking with them, as I'm not dropping by unexpectedly, like with lead cards.

Another reason why I knew I HAD to do the system was for duplication. I am in this business to build it, and by sharing this system, I know that everyone who comes on board will be on the same page, and also be able to share it easily. To me, Securus has created a treasure map. A map that will lead you to gold, if you but follow it. I am 100% sold out on the Securus System and I know if I continue to follow it, that I will be as successful as I want in this business!
Matthew H.

Leah G.
Advance Team

After the bootcamp this past week with Roger in NC, the 5 new people that attended have caught FYAH!!! They have spent the weekend talking with their warm markets and have another 4/5 in contracting and 2 in south GA beginning ExamFX today! Brian Booth has a contact he made in South Atlanta who has already completed contracting and is expecting to have 4 or so people at a Training and Opportunity meeting I am hosting in Atlanta on Thursday. Expecting to have at least 5/6 people attending the Training with me in LaGrange,GA with John Kight and Nick Burns on Friday! We’re off to Another Great Week and its only Monday!

So far today… Started the morning with an 11am from an appointment off of a paid mail lead and was able to assist this client with a Final Expense Plan. Then my next appointment was another paid lead and I assisted her with a Final Expense Plan with American Memorial Life. While there, and through our Referral Program, I was able to assist her daughter with a Final Expense Plan and her son-in-law with an IUL. Total production so far today of $6500. 2 leads led to 2 referrals which totaled 4 sales!

Roger S.
Advance Team

Congratulations to David T. & Jason W. for leading from the FRONT on our Referral Sales Contest and winning the iPads!!!! Almost 50 families protected just by asking "Who do you know that I can also serve"!!... and over 30K written in referral Business!!

David G.
High Voltage

To the team,

Lisa and I had 15 appointments tue- wed -thurs- the first day we had 6 appts 1 no show and 4 strike outs -and sold 1 for $1000.00 premium. The next day we had 4 appts - wrote a 120,000 annuity on the spot for someone. Day three we had 5 appointments and we wrote 7 apps - 5 regular life for 1820.00, 1 single premium for 26,000 dollars and 1 annuity for 93,000. its crazy- net deposits from all that-- $13747.00 another stellar leaderboard on Mondays call! So what I am getting at is its a sheer numbers game- if we only made 5 appointments which 5 would they have been? if we made 10 appointments which 10 would they have been . It is only because we set 15 appointments that we increased the odds in our favor exponentially-- the numbers prove that. what if we gave up on day one? or were happy with day two and stopped?

You have to see as many people as possible to gain the odds- remember that is only three days in field- A part time person is limited to the days they can run but if they get a couple of thousand only, its a great run! so really part time work is 1-2 days in field and full time work is 3-4 days but usually 3 for us. we could run 5 days but we have other work for the team we are doing. In the last thirty days we wrote 13 annuities for a total of $1,054,000. Not a bad month, not to mention the life apps we wrote.

Keep pushing forward and See the people! See the people! See the people! - David and Lisa

Glenn C.
Securus Select

Hi, My name is Glenn C and I have been in the Final Expense business for 13 years. The majority of my time was spent as an independent agent doing everything I could to procure leads. It wasn't until a joined a partnership with Senior Select of Georgia did I truly start making real money!

I was introduced to the Securus family January 2013 and after much thought and consideration, I decided to join the team. I came to this decision for a number of reasons, revenue being one of them. I'm a firm believer of systems and processes due to the 16 years I worked for United Parcel Service! UPS was nothing but methods, systems, and duplicatable processes. The system that Securus brings to the insurance and financial services industry is a process that is light years ahead of any other agency in America.

I'm writing this testimony again to show that an " old dog " can learn new tricks! I was blessed to be in Lagrange, Georgia for an Opportunity Meeting and the training that followed that next day. It was during that training session that I realized I was dealing with a company that truly understands the science behind selling! Matthew Goldberg went through his Final Expense flip chart presentation and it was then I had what John Kight calls a " moment of epiphany " ! Matt got down on his hands and knees and begged the whole group to use his flip chart presentation. Well folks, I took him up on his challenge. In just three weeks of using Securus methods I have written 27 applications for insurance and my closure rate increased to a staggering 90%, all due to the securus system.

Folks, if you are having trouble making sales in this business, ask yourself a question. Have I followed the steps laid out by Matt Goldberg and his team? If not do you and your family a favor and get on the train. The science of selling all lies within the Securus system.

Robert H.
High Voltage

Hey Matt,

I wanted to take this opportunity to write you a letter you may not often get to read. We often write our “success stories” to be placed on the Securus Website, but in addition to the success stories you should hear about the success stories behind the scenes. I wanted to personally express my sincere gratitude to your Securus Staff: Tommy Graziano, Mark Szafman, Matt Bauer, Graig Sadek, Scott Sadek, Larry “My Wrestling Man” Dickstein, Russ Ippoliti, John Kight, and of course You and your wife Bonnie!

You know where many of us came from but maybe you don’t know why we as individual agents appreciate you and your staff the way we do, more importantly WHY I DO!

My background is simple; I worked for the NY Giants in public relations under Pat Hanlon. I have a Super Bowl ring which I am proud of from 2007. I worked for the WWE where I wrote the stories many appreciate on TV. I also was broke, at a time in my life when I couldn’t afford to be broke. I received my insurance license and was robbed by not one but TWO insurance companies. I bought into a system and managers who later only showed their true colors.

I am grateful, TRULY GRATEFUL to have finally found a company who appreciates my hard work, who appreciates my dedication to be the best and who appreciates individual agents no matter how much they may or may not produce. I’m grateful to have found a HOME!

I will never be able to express to you how lucky Securus is to have found people like Tommy, who will take the time to help me no matter what the issue big or small. A man like Matt Bauer who will send me resume after resume hoping I find the next “Rob Hochman”. Graig, who is always open to listening to what’s working and what’s not and changing things to make my life in the field successful. Russ, who took the time to train one of my agents one on one when I’m sure he had a ton of other work of his own to accomplish. Scott is on top of my contracting like nobody’s business.

Larry who is not only a great business partner, but a man I call my friend! John Kight, who to this day, I owe my FULLY PAID CARS to, because it was his guidance telling managers who wanted to beat me down for not “attending all meetings” that I needed to be PROFITABLE FIRST! And Matt, who from the moment I met you, I knew this partnership was for the BEST! Your wisdom, your guidance, and your ability to LISTEN to your agents, TRULY LISTEN, mean the world to me as I’m sure it does so many!

I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone of you at SECURUS. Without you, I, like many others would be broke and unable to help so many families who desperately need us now more than ever!

I look forward to continued growth and success together!

Sincerely, Robert H.

David G.
High Voltage

Two weeks ago the 21st a Thursday we wrote 9 total apps in one day:5 annuities written and signed $491,000. Two of them were at the first appointment of the day and written on the spot (very unusual) she understood the concept and wanted me just to tell her how much money she had- started telling us about 21,000 but it turned out to be 410,000. One Annuity was a second meeting for 11,000.

Two were from a couple for 70,000 total who were referred to us by their mom who we wrote a 15,000 annuity for. We also wrote an IUL for 9000.00 and one for 1400.000 at this same house. We wrote two other regular life apps that day too. We started at 10 am and ended at 1030 pm. All of these have already gone through the approval process and await funding. Our bank deposit for that single days’ work will be $27,796.

We used our life sales and AD&D form to find the initial dollars and the rest of the closing of the annuities comes from knowledge of the product and the concept of annuities which everyone must study if you are going to do this. People are not going to turn over 100s of thousands if they don’t trust you or you don’t have confidence in what you are doing. Study Study. Just to prove this day was not an anomaly, last week we took another $100,000 annuity, an IUL for $17,135 and another IUL for $8,300. This translates to about $12000 in bankable dollars in the next couple of weeks. Total bank deposits from just the last two weeks work will be just about $40,000. A very nice way to make sure we can invest in our business and teach our agents how to do this.

We also went to home and gave the ad&d out, found out she had retirement funds and a life policy- we audited the life policy and found it to be a good solid policy for her. We started a discussion about her retirement funds and low and behold out comes the statements for $850,000. She understood the concept and called her son immediately and rebooked a meeting for April 9th to do the paperwork – she just wanted her family involved and she wants to write 9 IULS for her 9 grandchildren. We also have at least 3 other annuities in the next meeting phase for approximately 410,000. We may not get them all but our chances are very good based on our activity. This is all about helping families- that is our only mind set .

You must use the tools given to us by Matt and Securus- take the training and learn all you can- our product knowledge by plugging into every securus training offered it is amazing how free training can and does pay very well!

David & Lisa G

Ray E.
Team Black Velvet

Today I had a preset FX appointment from a door knock I did last Monday---with a guy who weighed 410lbs. Didn't think I had a sale until his daughter walked in. I knew from the ad&d he had a 401k so I ended up talking to him about using his daughter as a vehicle to divert some of his monies. His daughter, who is 21, had just started putting money into her 401k. She liked the IUL better because of its flexibility and agreed to put $175/month....I was SHOCKED. A one sit close from an FX appointment. And $50k found money (Only a seed for another day for now)

Sometimes, this business amazes me. Thanks to the FX leads and the Securus system. $2100 ap

- Ray

Tom F.

Hi Matt - I wanted to take a minute and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the generous offering of your time and knowledge yesterday. Your teaching, demonstration and patient answering of our questions made the time some of the most valuable training I think I have ever been involved in, and your sincere spirit of genuine care for each of us is a character that I hope to grow into.

The day was filled with "aha! moments" for me - I particularly will be working on improving my tone and delivery during my presentation, and exhibiting my personality as I build connections with my clients. I am immediately committing to full use of the AD&D tool going forward, you provided wonderful insight and methods that make it so simple.

Thanks again! I look forward to greater things as a result of your great help.

Sincerely - Tom F.

Brandon P.

My name is Brandon P and I am the nephew of the President/CEO Matt Goldberg. Today (8/31) was my first day out in the field. I received some CPO 40's and I went and door knocked. Eventually I found someone that was home and this man was the only person I sat in front of during the day. I went into the house and filled out the AD&D form. The gentlemen gave me 4 referrals. Also by filling out the AD&D form i was able to realize he had no life insurance in place, which then made me realize I had to get something done for him. I was able to sell him a 5,000 dollar policy for 576 AP.

Currently I attend the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida and I am a 19 year old sophomore. I just received my insurance license this past summer. My message to everyone out there is that if a 19 year old with barely any experience in the field can do it, anyone can do it. Work hard and have a positive attitude and you will be successful. Thanks - Brandon P.

Richard C.
Seal Team

I wanted to give you an update from the recruiting leads I have been getting from the home office:

I have 4 agents that have passed their state test within the last 2 weeks and just waiting for their license to come through, 6 other agents that are already licensed and I am working with them to move forward to get contracted.

I have a total of 26 agents either in the field, school or just waiting for their license and contracting.

I didn't this many people in 3 1/2 years with the other company and now I have a nice growing agency in a short 5 months with Securus.

I want to thank everyone again for all the support and help I have received since I joined the Securus family.

Ron L.

Wonderful Colleagues,

I am a firm believer in following a plan of action and replicating a proven system of success. Master what is already successful and start earning incredible income. Case in point:

I met with a nice lady about a month ago regarding the Final Expense product. She was in her early 50's and was uncomfortable discussing her demise. We chatted about CORE and I learned a lot about her and her family. I told her I understand that now may not be a good time to discuss the Final Expense with her. I shared that, however, as a state licensed Agent, it was my duty and obligation to discuss her retirement plan because she had a very volatile product. I gathered some information and spoke with her husband, an Army reserve officer, and over the next few weeks they did a superb job of supplying me with a full picture's worth of financial information.

The first thing I did was gain their trust! This is the most important thing that we, as licensed Agents MUST do.

End result -I brought my guru with me, Travis Norberg and with the timely outstanding guidance - I wrote a $259,000 for the wife and a $143,000 for the husband - that's a total of $402,000 - now if all you did was take one minute to have the asset gatherer form completed, you'd have earned over $4K! If you learned how to be an annuity specialist, you would have earned $16K!!!! For TWO hours work!!!! and they couldn't stop hugging and thanking us. I am looking forward to referrals from their friends and families, now too!

Learn the system - put in the time and effort to leverage the tremendous resources provided by Securus - if you are not - then you and your clients are losing out, big time!!! It's funny, cause now I look at the final expense protocol as the old metal beach geiger counters - I just keep panning my clients with the final expense until i hear the rapid nuclear clicking set off the machine - then it's SHERPA time!!!

Have a great week and good selling!!! - Ron

Ron L.
Team Synergy

Hey Tommy - not sure if this qualifies for a success story for the web - feel free to use or not use:
The Baltimore Conference was a life-changing experience for me and my organization. In addition to motivation permeation - the pure skillset innundation WORKS!!! The "little" things - the professional nuances - the technical aspects of the job, once mastered, make all the difference. By simply following the invaluable advice of Matt, Fred, i and so many others - there is a proven method of success.

After arriving back home from the conference 1:00 a.m. Monday morning, I wrote 5 apps, have an appointment Friday for another app - have a pending annuity, three personal referrals from a client, as well as an entire Ladies' Church Group strongly considering me as a guest speaker - having already made this a strong week. Now it's all about my having an adequate number leads on a weekly basis to maximize my efforts - I increased my weekly order by 50% today and will continue to increase my AD&D efforts, which should also consistently bolster my weekly leads.

Lastly, this job is all about replication - it's my responsibility to train, support and motivate my group for our results to become exponential. I am so proud of my team and know that they will take full advantage of the Securus System! See all ya all in Orlando!!! - Ronnie

Roger S.
Advance Team

I just returned home from our Summer Leadership Conference in Baltimore. I had an incredible learning experience and my eyes were opened wide by the Presentation to Maximize Referrals given by our CEO, Matt Goldberg. Upon returning and while field training with 2 of our new agents, I implemented Matt’s system immediately and was astounded at the results!

Check out these Numbers:
-16 Referrals of which I have yet only worked 5
- $7205.00 in AP in just 2 1/2 Days working this System with 2 more Referral Appointments already booked over next 2 days
- 4 Pre-Set Appointments from the Homes of Lead Visits and I've only retired 7 Platinum Leads in this process

The system worked flawlessly. My clients actually called their friends and family and assisted me in scheduling my time to see them! What could be better than that?!! Preset appointments from a current client! Baltimore was a life changing event for me and my family. I can’t wait to get my family and as many of our Team members to Orlando and change even more lives!

David O.

I just wanted to recap this week - I am so fired up about my first week with Securus! On Monday when you told me you had my first leads for me I knew this was going to be a great week. So here are the numbers:
Monday - Received 20 platinum leads . Dialed for just over an hour and booked 5 appointments for Tuesday.
Tuesday - Sat with 3 of the 5 appointments and closed all 3! 3 apps for $2,120 in AP. I also got 17 referrals using the AD&D program. Went back home about 6:30pm dialed for 45 minutes and booked another 6 appointments.

Wednesday- Sat with 3 of the appointments and closed 2- door knocked in between on leads leaving stickies. 3 sits / 2 closed $2,952 ap on 5 apps additional 8 referrals! Both closed were off of referrals from leads from the first day!
Total production over two days: $5,072 ap helped 5 families (2 of which were referrals) 8 applications. I faxed 6 of the applications on Tuesday and 2 more on Wednesday, they were all showing up at American Amicable by Thursday with policy numbers!

Thursday - Sat in training with company CEO Matt Goldberg, COO Larry Dickstein and VP John Kight. I learned more about selling insurance in 8 hours of training than I had in 2 years at the practice company. I realize now that I can double my production that I did on Tuesday and Wednesday by implementing some simple changes in my presentation and utilizing Securus systems to there fullest. Now knowing what I don't know I see my massive potential as an Agent with Securus.

Friday - Leisurely breakfast back in Greenville, played with kids spent time with wife. 6 of the 8 applications have issue paid and I got a commission statement for $2,923.67 !! I have a small pending requirement on one app that did not pay. I wanted to highlight what happened on app number 8. American Amicable sent me a correspondence saying they had an MIB hit on the client and they could not issue the policy as applied for. I personally emailed the head underwriter and asked her to clarify as typically after the phone interviewer at point of sale gives approval underwriting is complete. The underwriter got back to me in a couple hours told me she reviewed it and that she would approve as applied for!!! The measure of a great company is not when everything is perfect - but how they handle issues when they arise!! I am impressed with American Amicable on how quickly they resolved this issue.

To sum it up: The experience this week has been like a breath of fresh air. I have always respected and trusted you and Colleen. I am so grateful, humbled and blessed that we found a business partner like Securus and there carrier partners like American Amicable. The opportunity to be mentored by an individual with a track record and as well respected as a Matt Goldberg has me so excited I am ready to run through a wall!

This new partnership is a breath of fresh air and dose my 2 kids , wife and baby on the way immeasurable service! Three weeks ago I was seriously worried about my ability to provide for my families future. This week has proven to Sara and I that this system works for us and will work for our team and there families futures! THANK YOU!

Sincerely, David & Sara O.

Richard C.
Seal Team

I want to THANK YOU all for the time and effort you put into arranging the Securus Builders Symposium. It was extremely informative and I am very excited to start the RESUMATOR X-PRESS program. I know this will take me and my business to the next level and continue to make it grow and prosper. Once again I finally feel I am a part of the TEAM and a FAMILY who is interested in helping me grow as a person and a business owner and again I THANK YOU all for that.

Mark T.

Mark T.

Check out Mark T. with 12 APPS FOR $12,905 IN SUBMITTED BUSINESS... WOW!!!!!!!

Mark T. has only been actively selling with Securus for about 9 weeks. For an agent BRAND NEW to the business to consistently show up on the leaderboard every week is incredible!!! I also have inside info that Mark T. has already topped $6,000 in AP this week so look for another big week from Mark T. next Tuesday!!! Congrats to Mark T. and his wife, who is also now a BIG PART of the success of the A-team organization!!!

Andy H.

Andy H.

Congratulations Enrichment agent Andy H !!!! Andy has written 4 applications Today for $3,093 of AP

Dustin M.

Dustin M.

$5,300 for the day in AP. 7k for the week and it is only Tuesday. I am going to do $15k this week! My dad is tired of selling Real Estate and is studying for the exam to go full time with Securus!